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Avatar® offers 2 day ReSurfacing® Workshops and 9-day self-empowerment Trainings.

It teaches a series of experiential exercises that enable people to awaken a higher awareness,
to let go of negative belief patterns and to deliberately create an inspiring and fulfilling life.

The Path of Avatar continues with three advanced Courses that focus on connecting with others,
living with integrity, deepening appreciation and creating with purpose and passion.

ACC Radio Interview woth Neela Falconer
Neela Falconer
Licensed Avatar® Master
since 2006

About Neela

Neela is a Licensed Avatar® Master since 2006 and has delivered the Avatar Course to many people of all walks and ages.She is bright and caring and passionate about making a difference in the world.

An explorer and adventurer at heart she trained in many fields and became a Certified Massage Therapist, Padi Divemaster and Commercial Floatplane Pilot.  She has travelled over 30 countries to study cultures, religions, languages, people and nature.

In discovering the Avatar Training, it all came together for her in a Most Amazing Path. Mastering and sharing the tools to continuously evolve and joyfully create deliberately for the benefit of all beings!

Neela is teaching Local ReSurfacing® Workshops in Canada, at the International Avatar Courses in Florida and at Regional Courses in Mexico.

Contact her to explore possibilities and get started.

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