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Neela Falconer
Licensed Avatar® Master
since 2006

Avatar® offers 2 day ReSurfacing® Workshops and 9-day self-empowerment Trainings.

It teaches a series of experiential exercises that enable people to awaken a higher awareness,
to let go of negative belief patterns and to deliberately create an inspiring and fulfilling life.

The Path of Avatar continues with three advanced Courses that focus on connecting with others,
living with integrity, deepening appreciation and creating with purpose and passion.

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Why We Do This

Avatar is a set of tools that allows people, in a very short time, to identify and change the conclusions, decisions, and agreements that are shaping their lives. You could call it a mental editing technique, a belief management technique, or a spiritual empowerment technique. You could call it a lot of things, but the most important thing is that the tools work for you, and they work extremely well. People are amazed...

Avatar students systematically change their attitudes, remove self-imposed limitations, and end old hostilities that may be souring their experience of life. They set new goals or revive old ones, and using their rediscovered powers, create opportunities, motivation, and the courage to pursue dreams. In some cases, they restructure their own consciousness; in other cases they literally reshape physical reality. Yes, it is powerful stuff.

  -from The Avatar Path, by Harry Palmer